Over 12 million companies have reduced their IT costs and skyrocketed their efficiency by moving to the Google Apps platform.
ts² can get your company up and running quickly with Google Apps and even assist in data migration for your company.

What is Google Apps?
Google has created an online suite of applications that run in your web browser which allow you to communicate and collaborate easily and efficently.

  • Email
    The award winning webmail application Gmail gives you Google's lightning fast search algortyms to navigate your mail and with 25GB per user, you'll have a hard time filling up all of the mail storage you available available.
  • Calendars
    Google Calendar allows you to have multiple shared calendars available for whatever your needs. Need a calendar to manage meetings, track time on a project, share your daughter's dance schedule or work with your custom built in-house applications? You can do all of that with Google Calendar. Your imagination is your only limiting factor.
  • Mobility
    With your Google Apps for Business account you are able to synchronize wirelessly with Blackberry, iPhone, Android or any other device that supports the ActiveSync protocol. Also, because your information is in Google's cloud, you can access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection, simply open up your browser. This allows you to manage one mailbox/contact list/calendar no matter where you are or what device you're using. Your information is always available.
  • Collaboration
    With Google Docs and Google Sites, you have the ability to share information with your team in realtime. Create sites with all of your policies and procedures so that new staff can easily learn the ropes. Realtime document collaboration lets everyone in a meeting contribute to the minutes as the meeting is happening or work on a spreasheet simultaneously and because the software lives in the cloud, Google is constantly working to improve it. You only get more features and functionality as time goes on and there's no software to update on your computers.


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