Having a web site isn't an option anymore. From people to businesses, it's now a way of life. People can easily announce to the world what's going on in their lives, companies can provide up to the second information and highly detailed product specifics that print, television and radio ads, just can't provide. Exponentially growing populations of people have high-speed Internet connections which has facilitated a much richer graphic and video intensive web as well as eliminating the frustration which ensued from waiting for dial-up downloads.

Your involvement will get you what you want.
Working with your designer to achieve a core or frame design that you like should be your first goal. This method of design gives your site a unified look and lets people know that they are on your site, no matter how they end up getting there. Another benefit of this method is the ability to use programming methods to make the frame of your site assembled when the visitor visits, that way you can have your developer make one quick change and it would affect every page on your site instantly rather than having to edit countless pages manually. This also allows you to edit content pages or database records for your content instead of having to rifle through confusing code.

A web site is never complete.
If you want visitors to keep coming back, continue to provide them with constantly updated information. Some people request a database back-end with an easy to use administration page so that they can change their content with little to no knowledge of how to write a web site. Others like to add a years worth of useful monthly/weekly/daily tips at a time which would be displayed on their site. Continuous information will give your users a reason to continue to come back to your site. For a little extra cost, you can keep your site entertaining and useful at your own pace, without having to continually having to sign cheques for a web developer.

The most popular web sites are interactive.
If you want to have a high-traffic site you have to be the leader in your field. Many companies have had phenomenal success with their own forums on their site. It gives their visitors a chance to ask them questions about their products or services and get quick responses. It also builds your search engine credibility. The more people talking about your product or service on your site and around the web, the more people will describe situations or events which relate to you and then more people searching the web will find your site. Another element of interactivity that you can add to a site are any special calculations that relate to your field. For instance an interest calculator on a bank's site or a yardage calculator for a soil company's site. These types of helpful tools will have people knocking at your door ready with the information that you're going to need from them.

Your web site can work for you.
No matter what type of business that you're running, your web site can become more than just your extra advertising and sales personnel. With the amount of database power readily available, you can have your own custom site built with everything you need to run your business. Count inventory, sell product and book consultations with nightly reminders for you and your clients. If you were an oil and lube shop, you could take down your customer's email addresses, analyze how often they come in and have an email reminder sent to them a couple days before they should be coming in. Your web site can also be made portable with synchronization to the web server. Take a laptop on your sales call with the web site on it, create an order with your client while offline, re-connect to the internet whenever you have time and upload your orders to your head office. You could also automate your invoicing so that as soon as you're completed your service, the customer's invoice is available to them online or printable by your staff to send out in the day's batch. Your web site won't cost you money if you set it up right, it will save you time and make you money.

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